“Higher, faster, further” – that is our credo. Not only do we have our hands on the pulse of the time, no – we’re actually setting the pace! Benefit from state-of-the-art communication technologies that will lift your company to the top.


We do what we do best – FOR YOU!

If everyone does what they do best, everyone is happy. Concentrate on your core business - with our expert knowledge in the background, we ensure that you’ll achieve your marketing goals (and maybe even flip over with excitement?)


Relationships are everything – especially in the field of marketing. But these precious “flowers” need time to grow to full potential and to unfold their breathtaking effects. YOU know where you want to go – and WE know how to get there. With us, you not only get the ideal marketing strategy, but you get its optimal integration into already existing processes and projects. Our favorite word is sustainability! Therefore, we don’t love anything more than monitoring, reporting and optimizing – just for you!


Once again, we offer you more than your heart desires, because live and digital marketing are inseparable from each other. The co-operation with our in-house live agency, with whose team we’ve had a long-lasting co-operation, will serve you well in many ways. “Everything from one source” – is the motto we stand for – in every field and each area. Others can shake hands – we get to the point! With us, you enjoy a targeted all-round treatment that is tailored to your specific needs. Highly professional 360 ° marketing with the “certain something”. You won’t be able to resist this!


Strategy vs. creativity? We just take “The best of both worlds” – and do pretty well with it! Everyone at p&b has their own signature and unites their individuality for the great, common goal of seeing you jumping with joy. You guessed it: “Work will only be done well, if it is done with passion.” Does not that apply to everything in life? We think so, because “Life is a banana beach” – and not the bad word with “b” that sounds so VERY similar …(ouch!)


Special times require special measures. And let’s be honest: Who wants to be mixed into the regular marketing monotony like stale carrot juice? We guessed correctly – YOU want more. True to our mantra “Be a voice, not an echo” we show your customers the hidden potentials of their company through targeted strategies.