“Higher, faster, further” – that is our credo. Not only do we have our hands on the pulse of the time, no – we’re actually setting the pace! Benefit from state-of-the-art communication technologies that will lift your company to the top.


What you can expect from us

✓ Two female executives, who know all sorts of marketing better than the inner workings of their own handbags of a big - well-very big brand (we did not spend years studying marketing for nothing, Mesdames et Monsieurs)!

✓ Over 10 years of marketing expertise & know-how (We HEART Marketing <3)

✓ An extensive portfolio from the musical-artistic and automotive field (humans allegedly only use 10% of their brain? Needless to say – we want to be better than the rest!)

Animal wellfare projects

Our social commitment applies to all national and international animal protection projects. <3

Live & Digital Marketing

We don't like doing thungs by halves. We support our partners fully and continuously - on - and offline.



Sportiness, adrenalin, passion. Our heart beats to the rhythm of the automotive lifestyle.


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